Understanding and Mastering APA

I used APA in my undergrad for my research papers, but it was very good to get a refresher on it from the online tutorial. This reminded me of what a consistent page header looks like, as well as a other formatting rules.  The outline for the different types of headings that are used in APA formatting was a helpful clear and concise table of how to choose the correct heading. I liked how the tutorial went over the many different rules about citation. APA style uses the author and then date means of citation in the text. If it is a direct quotation, then I need to include the specific page number. I took a screen shot of Basic Citations Styles Chart that was in the online tutorial, so that I can refer back to it when writing papers. I found these online APA tutorials to be very helpful and will be a resource that I will continue to utilize throughout my program at SPU.


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