Principals of Paraphrasing: How to avoid inadvertent plagiarism

I think one of the key pieces that this tutorial gave in defining paraphrasing is that it should give the meaning of an author’s ideas in a different form. This tutorial reminds me that correct paraphrasing is explaining something in my own words, and displaying that I completely understand the subject matter. I found module 2 of the tutorial the most helpful since it plainly stated rules for paraphrasing that would always avoid plagiarism. The tutorial gave a simple question to always ask yourself by saying, “Are these ideas my own?” If the answer is no, then I will always have to give credit to the source.  The tutorial also made a key distinction between summarizing text and directly quoting text. Since summarizing is putting an author’s ideas into my own words and clearly showing my knowledge of the subject matter, it still needs the author’s name and date of publication.

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