OSPI and Legal Aspects of Certification

When I first opened the webpage for the Washington State K-12 Laws and Regulations, I soon was lost in a sea of codes and laws, including everything from holiday instructions to food services. Although it seemed a bit overwhelming, one of the most helpful areas for me to read up on was the Professional Educator Standards Board. In the different chapters of this law, the requirements to be met by a Washington state teacher are clearly stated. It also displays the laws for teachers to follow while continuing their education throughout their career. After reading through some of the laws on the Washington certification requirements, it made my future classes at SPU even more relevant. The site said that approved universities for certification are held accountable by the state of Washington to meet every requirement given by the state legislature.  These laws are specific in the necessary course work and classroom experience the approved universities are to provide.

The online manual for organization and financing of Washington Public Schools was very interesting. I looked at how Washington Public Schools spend their money, who spends it, and the rules and regulations that have to be followed amidst all this. The manual informed me about state funding for education, noting that Washington is the seventh in the nation in the percentage of school district operating revenue that is provided from state funding.

The family resources tab from the OSPI homepage is a helpful place for both parents and teachers alike. It reminds faculty and staff in education the standards that they are being held to. The resources tab also makes educators somewhat transparent. When parents can go online and see these standards, they can then hold educators accountable, which provides a system of checks and balances. It was also helpful to read the Parent and Student Rights to better understand what parent-teacher and student-teacher relationships should look like.

On the Washington State Learning Standards page I enjoyed reading the learning goals that each Washington state teacher should strive for. Since I will be obtaining a Visual Arts endorsement, I looked through the Arts Standards Manual and found the OSPI Arts Mission which reads as follows: “The Arts: Communicating and integrating life, literacy, and learning through experience for all learners.” It is good to be aware of the overall mission, because that level of communication is what can unite teachers instead of divide them. It has been extremely useful to see the standards of education to which Washington State holds its educators. Hopefully, these high standards will induce the results that the state and educators alike are desiring.

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