Library resources and information literacy

I really liked that SPU had a video introduction and tour of their library. I think that the online library and catalog will be extremely helpful since we are all commuters.  It was also helpful to learn about the course reserves in case a Professor posts any extra reading materials there.  In my undergrad, we constantly used journal articles for research papers and it helped to hear how to search SPU’s databases for online journals.  The online resources page and web links posted by the librarians also looked quite helpful.  I learned how to efficiently use Academic Search Premier by making sure that my search terms are specific and accurate. The information ethics tutorial was a helpful reminder of when to cite and when not to cite while completing research papers and assignments. This reminded me to always cite quotations, interpreted facts, and paraphrasing. Of course I do not need to cite my original thoughts and common knowledge, but I need to remember to be careful in deciphering what categories information should fit into.


Success in online learning

After watching the tutorial, I have a much better grasp on being an online student at SPU. It helped me realize what the different tools are and how I can utilize them. I followed their instructions and downloaded all the necessary plug-ins to my Mac. I also took note that Firefox will be my browser of choice (which explains my previous difficulty in logging into SPU’s data bases). It also helped to listen to the terminology that is used in online teaching. The main points that I took from the Netiquette tutorial was to always treat online discussions with grace and use extra time to type your thoughts. What is said face to face, is not always portrayed the same way online. I should be careful to choose my words wisely. This will be my first time doing an online class, and I want to utilize these resources as best I can to aid my online learning.