My First Week Of School…

I learned a lot in my first week of teaching. I learned that no matter how beautiful and well thought through my plans are, they will still change in the moment. This first semester, I am teaching a Junior High Technology class and a High School Technology/Information Literacy class. My plans for both of the classes had moment-by-moment instructions of what I planned on happening in each class. The problem was that nothing usually goes to plan. This truth has changed the way that I am now approaching my classes this year. My plans now have space for change to occur and the freedom for me to alter the path of learning to better fit the learner.

During the first week of class, I also learned the importance of flexibility. There was a miscommunication between the administration and myself about one of the classes that I was set to teach. In that miscommunication, I created a syllabus for a Video Production class that I thought I was teaching. On the first day of school I learned from a student of mine that I was actually teaching Technology/Information Literacy. I quickly had a meeting with my principal to correctly understand the vision of the class; I then altered my plans, and spent my afternoon creating a new syllabus. I am learning to think on my feet, which has proven to be an exciting journey so far.


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