Teacher Observation Reflection #1

I observed a High School Junior English class this week and it was refreshing. When I entered the classroom, I immediately noticed all of the personal touches that the teacher had decorated his room with. In one 360, I could see the teacher’s hobbies, passions, and personality traits. He had large model Lego’s that were displaying scenes from Star Wars. In the corner were bookcases filled with books and comfy area to read them in. The teacher also had helpful reminders of what a good class should look like on the board and on the walls.

When the lesson started, I could instantly see that the students were comfortable with their teacher. The students engaged in an open discussion, which did not actually involve the raising of hands in class. At first I was thinking, “Why is the teacher just letting the students talk out of turn?” However, I soon realized that no one was rudely interjecting their comments. The students were engaged enough in the discussion that there was actually no need for students to be called on by the teacher. I think that this approach works better for Junior or Senior classes, and it also requires a foundation laid down by the teacher. This teacher had already shown the students how to respect each other and how to have a good discussion.


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