Teacher Observation Reflection # 2

Today I observed an SAS special learning session for one of my students who has an IEP plan. It was very interesting to see the teaching techniques that are used for these students. The student that I was observing has specific difficulties in connecting meaning to words. I noticed that he can easily grasp patterns and sometimes big ideas, however, he has a difficult time with specific details. The challenge here is that I teach technology classes and the information is full of specific details.

In my observation, I noticed how well the teacher spoke to the student. She used short sentences and carefully chose each word to create a sentence that he would understand. When the teacher spoke, it was quite respectful to the student and did not belittle him at all. She complemented him when he made progress and encouraged him when he made a mistake. I was also impressed by how the teacher held the student to higher standards. When he made a very small mistake in a sentence, she always kindly corrected him. I think that this is very important in special education because if teachers overlook small mistakes, then students will not know that there is a problem. This observation gave me an important look through the eyes of my student. I got to see his perspective on education and personal challenges first hand. This experience is something that I can directly apply to my teaching because I have a number of students with 504 plans and IEPs in my classes, and it takes extra time and effort to ensure their understanding of the subject matter.


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