Teacher Observation Reflection #3

I had the opportunity to observe a teacher who is a legend at our school. He has been teaching here for 45 years and has the wisdom to prove it. After observing his high school technical drawing class, I admired his consistent energy and enthusiasm. His attitude was contagious! I feel that a lot of teachers can easily get worn out after years and years of teaching, but this was not true in his case. The teacher is not only passionate about the student’s academic education; he is also concerned with their personal growth as a follower of Christ. As I watched the lesson, I constantly saw him referring to this question, “What is God communicating to you through this class?”

The teacher was extremely skilled in the art of multi-tasking. It almost seemed like he had eyes in the back of his head. I was impressed by how he weaved in and out of the rows of desks observing student progress and giving instructional input. Like me, this teacher also moves from room to room because of the diverse range of classes that he teaches. I feel that it is a challenge to not have a homeroom and this teacher overcomes this challenge by using all the resources that each room has to offer. Throughout this hands-on lesson, the teacher was constantly present with the students and supported them in their learning.


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