To Give Grace Or Not To Give Grace: That Is The Question

This week flew by! Teaching days are so fast paced and I can’t believe how quickly everything occurs. I have had a couple of challenges this week, both inside and outside of the classroom. First off, what should I do when students have really good reasons for turning work in late? We had our first big project due this week and I had them turn the Word document online into a teaching resource site called “Moodle”. In Moodle, I have created pages for each of my classes and the pages include an online of the units for each course and resources for students to utilize. It also has a feature that allows students to upload files online since all of the projects that are created in my classes are digitally stored anyway. The problem is that at the exact time and date the projects are due, little technology demons run around creating havoc as students try to turn the projects in. I had one student who had finished his entire project just in time for his mom to turn the computer off which deleted all of his work since he forgot to save. I had another student who tried finished her project at home and the computer broke just at the right moment. I know that these stories are true because I also got worried emails from parents. All that to say, I wanted to give grace in these situations because life sometimes just doesn’t go your way.

The other problem that I had this week was outside of the classroom. I burned myself out this week. Instead of relaxing at home, I found myself planning lessons and grading homework late into the night. I realize that teachers need to put in some overtime hours to get things done, but there still has to be balance. I threw balance out the window this week and felt the consequences. In the future, I want to better manage my time so that I can get work done as well as finding rest and restoration to be ready for the next week.


One thought on “To Give Grace Or Not To Give Grace: That Is The Question

  1. Thanks for highlighting these two important lessons. The first may be harder to determine a policy for, especially when it appears that the reasons are honest and the parents are supporting it. Would this be different in a public school setting? Your second lesson is worth remembering all through the year.

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