Tech Class Challenges

There are certain specific challenges that I continue to discover in my technology classes. When the element of technology is added to the classroom setting, a whole new degree of problems can occur. First off, technology is an amazing gift that has a lot of technical issues. I have 25 spots in my room and at least 1 computer has a problem in every class of my 6 period day. I am guessing that the reason for this is because when so many junior high and high school students are using the same machines on a daily basis, things are ultimately going to get messed up. Apart from having so many users changing settings, the machines are also being constantly operated. I have found that the more that something is used, the easier it usually breaks. This has become a huge obstacle in my teaching because I am here is guide the students in their learning, not fix computers.

The other obstacle that I continue to come up against is how large my classes are. Software teaching has so many tiny details for students to keep up with. I have larger classes with a range of students and learning styles. Some students pick up on technological concepts quite easily, while others take much longer to grasp a new idea. This mix of students and technology makes for an interesting outcome in class. I am constantly balancing the art of challenging students while making sure to not leave others behind. I have found the larger the class that is working with computers; the more this becomes an important issue to keep an eye on.


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