Module 1 Reflection

In Module 1, I enjoyed reading through the “Washington’s Educational Technology Standards” for using technology in the classroom. It was good to discover the expectations that I am being held to, and now I am left trying to figure out how make this happen. I may not be able to get every boxed checked in every single lesson, but I need to start reaching for those standards. In this module it was helpful to see how other teachers utilized technology in the article “Addressing the Nets For Students Through Constructivist Technology Use In K-12 Classrooms”, which gave me new ideas to use in mine.

The standards and expectations were very clear, but it was a bit unclear of how to make that happen in our classrooms. The examples were wonderful, but I’m once again trying to figure out how that fits into my classroom’s circumstances. My school is blessed with a lot of technical resources, and so I would like to start thinking outside of the box with what I can do with computer, cameras, etc.

Another piece that was unclear was that I didn’t see a ton of materials talking about the issues and challenges that technology creates in the classroom. I have technical issues occur about once every other day. Sometimes computers don’t want to turn on, the internet isn’t working, software applications randomly choose to close, or students can’t find their projects’ files. We have an IT department, but they are not available every single time I have an issue and these problems eat up important class time. Should I just expect that issues will occur and therefore create flexible space for that to occur in?


2 thoughts on “Module 1 Reflection

  1. Joanna, I completely agree with your frustrations about receiving support for technology. My district has some wonderful resources, but all too often a server will go down and then the entire system is out for the rest of the day, sometimes the week. Also, if you’re unlucky enough to have a computer crash or a document camera break, then you are out of luck for months at a time. This makes it difficult for me to create lessons where I rely on technology. Glad to hear I am not alone in this feeling.

  2. Wow, really good point about the technology challenges that may arise in the classroom. Often the technology we use in classrooms are not as advanced as the kids are using at home or even our own cell phones. Hopefully this will resolve itself over time as we keep moving forward with technology in the classroom.

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