Module 2 Reflection

Clear: In this module, I liked how different viewpoints to technology driven learning were presented. This was an opportunity for me to think critically about what I believe and also caused me to reflect on how I am putting these beliefs to action. I agree with what was said in many of the videos; that technology is going to be a part of education and educators can either jump on board or continue to fight it. In some of our class’ discussions, it was clear that technology in education comes with a price. The devices create distractions and technology itself has created an over stimulated generation that has issues sitting still. These points were clear in the “RSA Animate-Changing Education Paradigms” video when today’s generation was compared with classrooms from the past. It led to the fact that times are changing, and we as educators have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting technological movement. This once again encourages me to explore technological resources that are available at my finger tips.

Unclear: The pieces that were unclear in this module, or I would say not thoroughly discussed is how to put all of this to practice. It could get quite overwhelming very quickly if we keep getting to study so many technological resources without thinking through how to apply them in our classroom. With that said, I love that Prof Holt specifically told us to use what would actually fit well in each individual classroom rather than feeling the need to somehow incorporate everything. I think that it is important to remember that these resources are not applicable in every learning situation, which is why this is a valuable time to explore the technology that we have available to us. I wonder if the best practice to find the most useful tools is to simple put these resources to the test in our classrooms and then assess the outcome? The best resource that I discovered this week was Animoto! This is such a fun tool for teachers to use to better engage their classroom. I love how it was so easy to use, while at the same time still creating a professional product.


One thought on “Module 2 Reflection

  1. I think that your point about putting your own beliefs regarding the use and value of technology in the classroom into action is critical. It is one thing to say that we need more technology to effectively educate, it is another thing to make systematic changes to the structure, curriculum, and organization of the classroom to make these changes occur. I agree that tools like Animoto are easy to use and incorporate into many lessons. However, there is so much out there that many good programs are difficult to pick out.

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