Module 3 Reflection


I loved how this week was focused on exploring new technologies that we can apply in the classroom. I found it to be very encouraging that many of these technological resources are already available online. It would have been a bit difficult to read about so many useful tools, to then realize that we need a way bigger budget to make that dream into a reality. One of the most helpful parts of this module was getting to hear about other teacher’s experiences in using these tools. I found it a bit daunting to just be clicking on sites to get information about these technological tools without hearing from someone who is using it and not simply selling it. It was helpful to hear how these resources are being efficiently utilized in other classrooms, which encouraged me to incorporate them into mine. The “Tools 4 You” section of the module’s resources was excellent because everything was already organized for us. I found the “7 Things You Should Know About…” pages through EDUCAUSE to be very resourceful information. The content was very practical and had thorough reviews of the technological resources that we could use in the classroom. In particular, I found the article “7 Things You Should Know About Online Media Editing” to have great information on tools that I can use in my video and photo editing classes. On page 2, the article discusses how digital editing is moving into handheld devices and becoming an online tool. This is exciting because it creates accessibility, and allows students to work with the information on different mediums.

All of the informational resources that were posted were very helpful and clear. One of the pieces of this module that I found difficult was Prezi. I might have had a bad internet connection in this crazy weather, but the site itself kept freezing while I was using it. I would also create my paths in the correct order, to then preview the show and it would decide to go a different route. The site also did not seem to like my trackpad because it kept thinking that I wanted to zoom in on an image, when I really was just trying to click on the right section to edit. Is Prezi not user friendly or was I just having a bad night with technology? I guess this could just be another example of the beauties of technology: Wonderful tools, but there is always lots that can go wrong. The other parts that are unclear right now in this class is the continual reference to the Mini Course Project. I understand the basic structure of this assignment, but I am wondering how we begin to apply smaller projects to it since we were told that we should begin creating the online course now. I am wondering if there is a resource (such as Blackboard) that we will set this online course in or will we use different resources to create presentations, online quizzes, and discussions and just post all of the links?

One thought on “Module 3 Reflection

  1. I found the prezi site difficult to work with as well so it makes me feel a little better to see that it wasn’t just me. I can see the potential in the site, but I think that it might need some updating or modification in the creation process to make it a tool I would want to use more often.

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