Module 6 Reflection


The resources that have been posted in this module were very clear and useful. I utilized Jing ( to create a video podcast, which worked well but I definitely had to do it a couple of times before getting a good take. I am amazed how how many free choices we have available to us in education. It seems like these companies are always encouraging a paid upgrade, but I think  that many teachers could easily get by with the complimentary accounts. In this module, it was interesting to listen to our class’ podcasts to see how all these different teachers incorporated online learning in their various subjects.


I am still having a bit of difficulty with the flexible nature of the MOCP. I understand that we are supposed to have an online presentation, quiz, and discussion, but the instructions say that we are also supposed to have more online content. I’m trying to figure out what is too little, what is thorough and what is over the top. Since there is so much that we can add to an online course, how do we know when we have met the expectations for this assignment?


2 thoughts on “Module 6 Reflection

  1. I have to say that I am overwhelmed by how much is out there for us to use… too much! I would love to find an online blog from a teacher’s perspective on what they use the sites for, which ones work best and how we can integrate it within our classes. I am unclear about the Mini online class too, but I asked if we could partner up with someone, so I am going to do that. Also, I love your picture of you skydiving…. amazing.

  2. I really liked your use of a different resource for the podcast. I agree that the ease of use was really nice the podcast. I am also confused about the MOCP. I guess we’ll have to see what comes up with that.

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