My Students Setting Fire to the Rain

My high school video production class just finished their Music Video Project, which turned out great. This class has been a bit of a challenge because the grades range from freshmen to seniors which makes for a diverse room of learners. I have met this challenge by being as flexible as possible while also giving the students a firm foundation of video production skills. The flexibility allows for certain students to take the necessary extra time to understand the content matter, while I can also give advanced students more of a challenge.

After students learned and practiced basic cinematography skills, we then embarked on this Music Video Project. In this project, students were asked to focus on framing excellent and interesting shots to keep viewers hooked on their video. They were also challenged in their growing video editing skills as they had to time the music with their footage. Through this assessment, I learned that students will put extra effort into what they are learning if they can apply it to their own personal interests, unique perspectives, and creativity. Below is an example from two of my students that decided to take a dramatic and humorous approach to this video project.



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