My Growth As A Teacher

As I reflect on my earlier post of “The Teacher I Hope To Become”, I see how I have made steps this year towards this vision. My hope to have impactful relationships with my students has been something that I have put a lot of effort into. Through this experience, I have learned that to really know your students well, it takes initiative to maintain meaningful relationships and communication. Throughout this year, I have developed a discipline of asking my students inquiring questions about their lives, which honestly has been a bit intimidating at times. Through these interactions I have learned that high school students do take notice and are positively affected when teachers are interested in their lives.

In my initial post I talked about wanting to be a teacher who is always a learner and I feel that I am reaching this goal this year. I think that this discipline will be something that is important to continue to practice when I am away from SPU’s classes. I have also worked really hard to incorporate technology into my classes and work through the problems that it creates in my digital media production classes. To work towards my goal, I put a lot of focus in my classes on troubleshooting technical issues well and learning through obstacles that might arise.

I have been collaborating with a small group of other teachers each week to talk about how we can be better educators. These actions have come from my initial hope of being a teacher that is constantly sharpened by others. As I look back on my first thoughts of the teacher that I hope to become and have now completed my Draft Professional Development Plan, I see areas where I have progressed and areas that I still need to grow in. These goals can keep me accountable to being dedicated to grow as an educator.


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