These Next Final Months…

This week students returned from Spring Break for the last couple of months of school. It is crazy to see the year coming to a close and also exciting to look at my students and see so much growth. I of course look at myself and reflect on how much I have also grown this year. Spring Break was a good time of renewal for me and reminded me of how important rest is. During this time I got to collect my thoughts, reorganize my life, and set some new goals for these final months before students break for summer.

My focus in my visual art classes is for students to really make this art their own. The first quarter of second semester was dedicated to students learning the craft of cinematography and the art of video editing. Now that they have had efficient time to practice this new found knowledge, students can use it as an expression of who they are and build upon their own unique gifts and talents. Students have already been doing this, but they get easily distracted by the need to just get it done. I am going to continue to encourage students to really make these last video projects their own; to choose subjects and stories that they have passions for so that they can really put their heart into it.


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