Wrapping Up Video Production

This year is coming to a close and so is my high school Video Production class. The goal of these last couple of classes is for students to take what they have learned throughout the year and apply it to a final project. Yesterday’s lesson was for students will finish pre-production for their Final Video Projects and get ready to move into production. This last unit focuses on students reflecting on how they have grown in knowledge and skills of videography. The objective for this last unit is that students will use their knowledge and learned skills in cinematography and video editing to create a quality video of their choice.

In this lesson, I think that my short lesson was very helpful for students to understand the expectations that I have for their “Final Video Project”. This helped students realize the amount of work that I want them to put into this. They seem to be excited about this last project because they get to decide what it will be. As I reflect on this lesson, I now see that the “Verbal Check-In” that I used as my formative assessment needed to have a more concrete platform for grading. In the future, I should have a grading rubric that I fill out for each group as I engage in conversation about their progress.

I think that I did well in explaining appropriate expectations for students for this class period. However, I could have been better in my transitions between each section. My differentiated adjustments happened naturally because each student had different needs and that was evident in my conversations with the groups. I made adjustments as needed in each situation. Some of these adjustments were helping students with technical problems that continue to come up with our computers, and some were simply to better explain things to the students.

Students practiced their learned academic language during my “Check-In” and they were able to ask any clarifying questions. During my lesson, I included academic language that we have previously gone over so that students can continue the learning process. Student voice was shown in my conversations with each student since they were able to verbalize the learning targets and reflect on their progress in reaching the objectives. Student voice will also be evident in their “Final Video Project”. As students worked on this project, I could already see their own unique perspective, talents and creativity coming through in this process. Overall, I think that this is a good unit for students to reflect on everything that they have learned throughout this class and they can be proud of the progress that they have made.


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