Blog 2: The Purpose of My ePortfolio

Throughout this week’s lesson, the uses of ePortfolios were broken down and explained. I learned that as educators, we need to choose our motive for utilizing ePortfolios. If we try to do too much with this tool, then it will not be as impactful in the classroom. In Dr. Barrett’s narrated slide show, “Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios”, I found that the main purposes of ePortfolios in Education are “Learning/Process/Planning, Marketing/Showcase, and Assessment/Accountability”. The structure of the ePortfolio can then be separated as either a “Workspace” or “Showcase”. At first, I thought that the best structure for my video production classes would be a Showcase because I want students to post their finished work online for other peers, teachers and family members to see. However, I realized that it is first and foremost meant to be a workspace and the showcase of work will be an outcome of their posts through the ePortfolio.

It is also important to think about how I will use ePortfolios to better communicate with students. The main need that I hope to meet by implementing the use of ePortfolios in my video production classes is a place for students to turn in their projects for assessment. In Prof Barrett’s article, “Electronic Portfolios – A chapter in Educational Technology” she states the following three reasons for utilizing ePortfolios, “Learning (Formative) Portfolios, which usually occurs on an ongoing basis supporting professional development; Assessment (Summative) Portfolios, which usually occurs within the context of a formal evaluation process; and Employment (Marketing) Portfolios, which are used for seeking employment” (p. 1). With this information in mind, I think that the main reason for using an ePortfolio in my video production classes is as an Assessment Portfolio. My reasoning could be altered in future lessons, but I think this best fits my goal of having an online platform for students to upload their projects and then receive feedback and assessment.

To conclude my thoughts, were asked to make the first draft of our vision statement for implementing ePortfolios. I drafted the following statement: “e-Portfolios are implemented in my junior high and high school video production classes so that students can have a platform to showcase their work, track their learning process and receive feedback from myself and other peers. This provides an avenue for students to apply what they are learning through a visual process, reflect on their growth, and engage in collaboration as students encourage each other to reach their individual goals and classroom objectives.” I think that my focus is on using the ePortfolio as a tool to receive feedback and through this resource, students can follow their growth towards reaching the learning objectives. I wanted to also include that this can be a place to not only receive input from myself but also from other peers. I think that the building blocks are starting to come together for me and this week’s lesson was especially helpful because I learned how to start the process of utilizing ePortfolios in future classrooms.


Barrett, H.C., 2001. “Electronic Portfolios – A chapter in Educational Technology”. AnEncyclopedia to be published by ABC-CLIO.

Barrett, H.C., 2010. Narrated slide show, “Balancing the Two Faces of ePortfolios”.

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