Module 7 Reflection

¬†The resources in this module were very clear and straightforward. It was interesting to read about how online learning has grown and how it’s success is linked to effective assessments. I think that I am also getting a better idea of what the Mini Online Course Project should look like. I still don’t know how much is enough to be thorough for this assignment, but I think that the flexibility is meant to help us to apply this project to our diverse teaching situations rather than hinder us. To apply online learning in my classroom, I think that the best option for my students will still be blended learning.
As we continue to dive into online learning, I think that the focus always needs to be on enhancing student understanding and personal growth in class; it should never be applied just for the sake of being tech-savvy. I know many teachers who are just trying to apply the next best piece of technology to stay up with the times, but it is always important to evaluate the reasons for using technology in education. The motivations always need to point back to the students, and as long as that is the focus then I think that success in online learning will continue.

Module 6 Reflection


The resources that have been posted in this module were very clear and useful. I utilized Jing ( to create a video podcast, which worked well but I definitely had to do it a couple of times before getting a good take. I am amazed how how many free choices we have available to us in education. It seems like these companies are always encouraging a paid upgrade, but I think¬† that many teachers could easily get by with the complimentary accounts. In this module, it was interesting to listen to our class’ podcasts to see how all these different teachers incorporated online learning in their various subjects.


I am still having a bit of difficulty with the flexible nature of the MOCP. I understand that we are supposed to have an online presentation, quiz, and discussion, but the instructions say that we are also supposed to have more online content. I’m trying to figure out what is too little, what is thorough and what is over the top. Since there is so much that we can add to an online course, how do we know when we have met the expectations for this assignment?

Module 5 Reflection


This week’s module had clear information on how quickly online learning is progressing. I read about the pros and cons of what online learning provides and creates. Online learning is an exciting resource to have in the classroom because it expands teaching time since each student can interact with the resources online rather than being limited to one teacher for an entire classroom of students. However, online learning still has many challenges that need to be overcome for it to be an effective learning tool in the classroom. The lack of face-to-face time does impact the depth of student learning and work still needs to be done on online assessments of student understanding.
It is clear that online learning will continue to have more of an impact in education. It is exciting how online learning expands the walls of education and makes learning more accessible. The question is then, how can quality still be maintained with online learning? I think that this is something that we will continue to explore as educators because there is still so much room for education to grow in this area. The tools are being made available and we just need to figure out the best way to use them. I am going to start by using Jing ( to create a video of my computer screen for my Video Production Class. If this resource works well, it would be so helpful to have a step-by-step video for students to refer to rather than me answering the same question over and over again. There are still a few items that are unclear for the MOCP mainly because I do not see the structure for it yet. Are we supposed to make the project fit our diverse situations in our classrooms or is there a structure that we should instead follow to make sure that it will be assessed correctly for Networking and Telecommunications class? I am trying to figure out how to start on this project, but I don’t want to work ahead and then realize that I went in the wrong direction. I guess I need further clarity on the gray areas that have yet to be discussed about this assignment.