Set Construction

This was a week where I had to wear many different hats. As the new Junior High Drama teacher, my first production is coming up at the end of May. This is a full 90-minute production with costumes, props, lighting and a set. I am constantly learning new skills to keep up with the demands of this class. On Saturday, we had our set construction and I had to do so much work leading up to this point. I learned how to sketch the set that I wanted with the knowledge of the materials that we have at hand. I then learned the correct paint, tools, and materials that we would need. This was all done through collaborating with other teachers, research, and trial and error. On Saturday, an entire team of parents showed up to work and looked for me for direction. Thankfully, I had arranged for a parent who had done set construction to show me the ropes so that I could do it on my own for the next production. I quickly learned how to use the power tools, even though I would still say that I need a lot of practice. All in all, the set looks amazing and it only took 4 hours of work because of the incredible effort put forth by the parents and students. Through this experience I have learned that teachers always need to think on their feet and be ready to accept help at any moment.